Royalty-Free Standard License

Our royalty-free Standard License refers to the single-user license that is automatically granted in our Terms of Service when you purchase and download a photo file from us (“Content”), limited for use to under 500,000 times. 

Royalty-free means that you pay for the use of the photo only once and then you may use it as many times as you like, up to the maximum amount of 500,000 times and with the restrictions mentioned in our Terms of Service. You pay only the initial one-time cost, and no further royalties need to be paid. 

Our Standard License refers only to the Content that you purchase with the downloadable link we provide you, and does not include any of the watermarked images or small thumbnail images that are not watermarked but visible on our public website. The watermarked images and small thumbnail images are not available for your use and remain copyrighted. 

Some restrictions apply to our Standard License. Please refer to our Terms of Service, SECTION 3 – PERMITTED USES OF CONTENT and SECTION 4 – NON-PERMITTED USES OF CONTENT for these restrictions.


(last revised Oct 19, 2016)