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 About LookLagoon
 Photo Information and Usage
 Orders and Billing

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    About LookLagoon

    1. What is stock photography?

    Our stock photography is the supply of professional photographs that are royalty-free, which can be viewed, licensed, purchased and downloaded online at the click of a button. These stock photos can be licensed for different purposes, such as website or print use. This method is less expensive and less time consuming than hiring a photographer for a specific shoot.

    2. How does LookLagoon work?

    LookLagoon licenses professional stock images to individuals and/or companies that require them. The stock photos are royalty-free, meaning use of the photo is paid for only once and no additional royalties are collected. LookLagoon provides three sizes of photos that are available for instant download through the company website. Discount codes are frequently offered in addition to the already low prices, and media/designers who purchase on a steady basis have the option to maintain regular accounts for even further discounts. 

    3. What are some of the ways I can benefit from using your photos?

    Using our photos on your website, in your advertising efforts or for other purposes, can benefit your business. Professional, high quality photos are believed to increase conversion rates, increase the amount of time spent on a webpage, and increase the likelihood of a consumer connecting with your brand.

    4. Is there a mobile version of this website?

    Yes! Our website is designed to be responsive for all devices, including mobile phones and tablets.

    5. Can I connect with LookLagoon anywhere other than this website?

    Yes, you can connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. We also send out a newsletter where you can stay up-to-date with new additions to our site, view the latest tips featured in our blog, and receive exclusive discount codes. 

    6. Do you have any social media accounts that I can follow?

    We'd love it if you found us on Twitter, FacebookInstagram and Pinterest!

    7. Do you have a newsletter? How do I sign up?

    Yes we do! You can sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of any page on our website, or by clicking here.

    8. Why should I sign up for your newsletter?

    By signing up for our newsletter, you get an immediate discount code that you can use on your cart checkout. You'll also receive exclusive discount codes, be one of the first to hear about what's happening and have a chance to see some of our newest photos and latest blog posts.

    9. How do I unsubscribe from your newsletter?

    You can unsubscribe from our newsletter at any time, simply by clicking "Unsubscribe" on the bottom of any newsletter email.

    10. Do you provide any information or guidance for aspiring photographers?

    Aspiring photographers are able to view tips and advice in our blog. We write about photography techniques, camera gear and accessories, and more.

    11. Do you provide any advice for small business owners, writers, or other creative individuals?

    All of the information we provide can be found in our blog. There, you will find articles about how to increase sales, stock photo usage tips and more.

    12. How often do you blog?

    New blog posts are generally published twice a week. Sometimes, you'll find more if we write about a special event or holiday that is taking place that week.

    13. Where are you located?

    Our offices are located in the Greater Toronto Area and Muskoka in beautiful Ontario, Canada.

    14. What are the Terms of Service that I agree to when I use this website?

    Our Terms of Service can be found here.

    15. Can I submit my own photos to sell through LookLagoon?

    At this time, we do not accept photos from outside contributors.

    16. I have a question but do not know who to contact or how to get in touch with anyone. How do I contact LookLagoon customer support?

    If you have any questions, concerns or feedback, you can contact the appropriate department via email. This can be done using the form on our contact page. We will be happy to help in any way we can!

      Photo Information and Usage

      1. How do I search for a photo on LookLagoon?

      There are three different ways you can search for a photo on LookLagoon. You can use the search bar to type in keywords relating to the type of photo you are looking for. Or you can search by collection on the home page. Click on the collection you wish to browse, and all of the photos will come up that are included in that collection, along with the option to choose various sub-collections. Lastly, you can click "Image Collections" in the top menu on our website and it will bring you to a page listing all of our collections.

      2. How can I view the full details and description of a photo?

      If you see a photo that you would like to learn more about, click on the thumbnail and it will allow you to view the full description and all of the details associated with that photo.

      3. I want to find a specific photo using a Photo ID. Is this possible?

      Yes, simply type in the Photo ID of the desired photo in the search bar and it will appear as the only photo in the search results.

      4. In how many different sizes do you offer the photos?

      The photos are offered in three different sizes, including Large, X-Large and Supreme. This does not apply to all photos on our site, but it does apply to the majority of them.

      5. How do I know what size of photo to buy?

      The size of photo you should buy depends on the purpose for which you require the photo. For more help on this subject, please refer to our File Sizes and Usage Help.

      6. What is the file format for LookLagoon photos?

      All of the photos can be downloaded in JPG format.

      7. Is it possible to download a photo in a format other than JPG?

      If you require a photo to be in a format other than JPG, there are several photo editing software programs you can use to open the JPG file and save it in another format, such as TIFF.

      8. What do "PR" and "MR" stand for?

      We list this in every photo description to indicate if there is a property release (PR) and/or model release (MR) for that particular photo.

      9. Do you indicate whether there is a property release or model release for a photo?

      Yes, all of our photos state whether there is an accompanying property release and/or model release.

      10. Can I get a copy of the property release or model release associated with a photo?

      All of the releases are stored confidentially in our files. On our website pages, we indicate whether there is a property release and/or model release associated with a photo, but we do not provide copies of the releases to anyone, in order to protect the rights and confidentiality of the models and property owners.

      11. Is it possible to contact the photographer in regard to a specific image or group of images?

      We display all of the information associated with a photo alongside it, so that there is no need to contact the photographer. If you have any questions, please use our contact page and we'll be happy to answer.

      12. I would like to zoom in to a photo to see it close up before I download it. Is this possible?

      Yes, you can view a photo in a larger format than just the thumbnail. Once you click on the thumbnail image, you will be brought to a page displaying a larger version of the photo and the full description. Click on the photo again for a slightly larger view, as it will pop up and the background will dim to a light gray for better viewing. 

      13. I would like to see how a photo looks for my specific purpose. Is there any way to download a comp?

      We do not offer a direct way to download a comp, but if this is necessary for decision making purposes, you can right click on the photo and choose "Save As." However, be aware that you do not have permission to use this watermarked photo in any form, so if you do you wish to use it, you must first pay for the proper license.

      14. When I download a photo, will it have a watermark on it?

      When you purchase and download a photo, there will be no watermark on it.

      15. Are there any limitations on the number of photos I am allowed to download?

      You may purchase and download as many photos as you like, there is no limit. The photos you download must be used for the first time within one year of the purchase date. If one year has passed and you haven't used a photo, you must purchase it again if you need to use it. Once you begin using a photo within a year after purchase, there is no expiry date, you may use the photo forever.

      16. Am I able to download the same image multiple times after purchasing it?

      The download link we provide will work for five days after your purchase date. You may download a photo up to 30 times in total during those five days. After five days, however, the photo will no longer be available without purchasing it again. Within one year of the purchase date, in an emergency situation, for instance if your computer crashed and your files got wiped out, you may email us and we'll try to help if we can.

      17. What am I allowed to do with the photos I purchase?

      Please find the answer to this question in our Terms of Service under SECTION 3 - PERMITTED USES OF CONTENT.

      18. What am I not allowed to do with the photos I purchase?

      Please find the answer to this question in our Terms of Service under SECTION 4 - NON-PERMITTED USES OF CONTENT.

      19. When I use a photo, how do I list the image credit or photo attribution?

      One of the following credit lines may be used:

      Image credit: LookLagoon.com

      OR     Image credit: LookLagoon/(photographer's name)

      In order to find the photographer's name for the second option, please click on the thumbnail image to view the full details of a photo, and the photographer will be listed there. More information can be found in our Terms of Service under SECTION 6 - CREDIT AND ATTRIBUTION. 

      20. If I decide to modify an image after downloading it, does that mean I now own the copyright?

      Any modifications you make to the photos you download do not change the copyright in any way. The copyright always remains with the photographer. If you incorporate the photo into a larger illustration, such as a book cover, the copyright of the photo still remains with the photographer. (This is the reason you may not use our photos for any trademarks or logos for your business - because you'll wish to trademark your logo, and you won't be able to do this since the copyright of the photograph belongs to the photographer.)

      21. Am I allowed to sell the photos I download from LookLagoon?

      This is prohibited. It goes against our Terms of Service and copyrights of the photographer. However, if you wish to sell your own products with our photos on them, this is possible. When you purchase an Extended License - Printed or Electronic Usage for Resale, you may use our photos on one of your items and sell those up to 10,000 times. For example, if you use one of our photos on a t-shirt, you may sell 9,999 t-shirts. For every batch of 10,000 items, a new Extended License must be purchased.

      22. Am I allowed to sell products, such as templates, mugs or shirts, that include the photos I download from LookLagoon?

      Yes, if you'd like to do this, you must purchase the appropriate Extended License. See the answer to the question above. It's not permitted with our Standard License.

      23. I am a freelance designer and would like to use the images I download for my clients. Is this allowed?

      If you're working on behalf of your client and have the authority to bind them with our Terms of Service, then yes. Often times a book cover designer will work on behalf of a client to do this, designing a cover jacket from our photos. The designer would then share the finished product with the client (i.e. the book cover) but not the individual photos themselves. If you're sharing the photos with your client, too, then an Extended License - Unlimited Usage or Multi-User may need to be purchased. The easiest way to avoid problems is for the freelance designer to take control of the photos and not share access with the client. This is usually not a problem - the client is much more interested in the finished product.

      24. Why is the photo I downloaded a different size than what was specified in the size guide?

      All of the measurements listed on our website are approximate. We try to be as accurate as possible, but since the photos are compressed JPEGs, the file sizes vary depending on each photo. It's the detail in the photo that determines the file size and we have little control over this aspect of photography. (For example, a photo of a lawn with thousands of blades of grass will have an extreme amount of detail, therefore will have a huge file size, compared to a flat body of water that doesn't have the same amount of detail, even if we take both photographs with the same camera and lens. They will be a different file size.)

      25. How often do you add new photos?

      We are constantly adding new photos and are proud to introduce fresh content every few days.


        1. What does royalty-free mean?

        Royalty-free means that no royalties are charged to you, you are only charged one initial purchase price for use of the photo. In other words, you only need to purchase a downloadable photo one time and may use it as many times as you like up to the maximum amount of 500,000 times and with the restrictions mentioned in our Terms of Service.

        2. What is your Standard License?

        You can find information about our Standard License here.

        3. Can I buy an Extended License for additional uses?

        Yes, if you require the photos for additional uses outside of our Standard License, there are Extended Licenses available for your convenience. These include Unlimited Usage or Multi-User and Printed or Electronic Usage for Resale.

        4. What is the difference between a Standard License and an Extended License?

        Our Standard License offers you the ability to use a photo as many times as you like up to the maximum amount of 500,000 times and with the restrictions mentioned in our Terms of Service. An Extended License allows you to use a photo for additional purposes. Each Extended License has different restrictions, so please click here for more information.

        5. What does single-user mean?

        Our Standard License is for a single-user only. This means a photo may be used by one person on one computer at one time. For example, you may work with the photo you download from us on your desktop, laptop, or handheld device. If the photo will be used by other people in the household for their own purposes, or within an organization, an Extended License - Unlimited Usage or Multi-User must be purchased.

        6. What is a non-exclusive license?

        Non-exclusive means that a photo that is downloaded from our site may be purchased and downloaded by several different individuals. No one person has exclusive rights.

        7. Can I buy the exclusive rights to a photo?

        At this time, we do not offer the option to buy the exclusive rights to any of our photos.

        8. Do I have to pay each time I use the same photo (for instance, if I use the same photo as part of my website design, my Facebook page, and my business cards)?

        All of our photos are royalty-free, meaning you only have to pay one initial purchase price in order to use the photo up to a maximum of 500,000 times under the Standard License. (For example, up to a combination of 500,000 views on your website and Facebook page and printed business cards. If you feel you might go over 500,000 times in total for these three purposes, consider purchasing an Extended License - Unlimited Usage.)

        9. How do I know which license to buy?

        The type of license you require depends on the purpose for which you need the photo. In order to determine which license to buy, refer to the information on the Standard License and Extended License pages.

        10. I didn’t choose a license when I downloaded the photo. How do I know which one I purchased?

        When you download a photo from us, you are essentially paying for the Standard License. The only way you purchased an Extended License is if you actually selected one from the optional "Extended License" list before adding the photo to your cart. The default selection is the Standard License. You can find information about your purchase in the Order Confirmation that was emailed to you.

        11. Can I use the photos I download forever or does the license expire after a certain period of time?

        There is no expiry date! You can use the photo forever, as long as you use the photo within one year of the purchase date and stay within the restrictions of the license you purchase.

        12. Do you have any rights-managed photos?

        We do not have any rights-managed photos. All of our photos are royalty-free.

          Orders and Billing

          1. How much do your photos cost?

          Our individual prices range from $2 to $4 depending on the size of photo you buy. We frequently offer discount codes to our customers and social media followers, so it's possible to get a photo for even less! At this time, discounts also apply to our Extended Licenses, so the savings are substantial. Also, unlike some of our competitors, we do not require you to purchase multiple credits that you may never use up, nor pay for a monthly subscription that you don't need. We believe in simple, pay-as-you-go pricing to maximize your savings.

          2. Do you offer any discounts?

          There are frequently discounts available on LookLagoon. We value our customers and want to provide them with the lowest prices possible. You can find the discount codes through our website, or on our various social media accounts including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Signing up for our newsletter also gives you an immediate discount code that you can use on checkout right away if you like.

          3. I have a LookLagoon discount code. Where do I enter the code in order to use it?

          If you are making a purchase using PayPal, you will be able to enter the discount code on the screen that follows after entering your purchase information. If you are purchasing a photo using a method other than PayPal, the checkout screen will have an Order Summary box, where you are able to enter the code where it says "Discount" and then click "Apply." 

          4. Do you offer subscriptions?

          Currently, we do not offer subscriptions. We do, however, have exclusive offers for media/designers and others who place bulk orders on a regular basis. If this applies to you, please contact us. After we verify that you run this type of business, we would be happy to offer you our media/designer discount.

          5. Why are the prices so low?

          We strive to provide unbelievably low prices to our valued customers and believe it's important to receive professional, high quality photographs for reasonable prices. If all you need is one photo, that's all you need to buy. For this reason, unlike some other stock photo sites, we don't lock you into buying dozens of credits that you may never use, and we don't lock you into a subscription if you don't require one. Pay-as-you-go pricing is the simplest, most flexible, affordable method we've discovered for our customers.

          6. Which currencies are supported on this site?

          All of the prices are listed and charged in U.S. Dollars (USD). If your currency is not supported on our site, the conversion will take place when you complete checkout. Your credit card company may charge a standard, additional fee for the currency conversion.

          7. What payment methods do you accept?

          We accept PayPal and major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

          8. How do I download a file once I purchase it?

          After your purchase is complete, you will receive an immediate download link upon checkout, and you will also receive an email with the download link(s) provided. Click on the link and choose where you would like to store the file on your computer.

          9. I just paid for a photo. How long will the download link be available for me?

          Your download link will work for five days after your purchase, then it will expire.

          10. How can I print out a receipt for a past order?

          If you open an account with us, your receipts will be available in your order history.

          11. How do I view my order history?

          Make sure you are logged into our site, then click on your name or "My Account" in the menu at the top of any page. This will bring you to your account overview, which lists your order history.

          12. What is your refund policy?

          Our Refund Policy can be found here.

          13. What is your privacy policy?

          Our Privacy Policy can be found here.

          14. What measures are taken to ensure my credit card information is protected?

          Our store is hosted by Shopify Inc. They provide us with the online e-commerce platform that allows us to sell our products and services to you. Your data is stored through Shopify's data storage, databases and the general Shopify application. Your data is stored on a secure server behind a firewall. For specific credit card information protection and storage, please view our Privacy Policy, SECTIONS 4 and 5.  For more insight, please read Shopify’s Terms of Service and Privacy Statement.

          15. Is there a free trial or samples I can use before purchasing a photo?

          If you wish to sample a photo before using it, you may right click on the photo and choose "Save As" in order to save the photo to your computer or device. This photo will have a watermark and may be used for comp purposes only.


            1. Do I have to create an account in order to browse the site?

            No, you do not need to have an account in order to browse our site.

            2. Do I have to pay to create a customer account on LookLagoon?

            Absolutely not! Creating an account with LookLagoon is free of charge.

            3. Am I able to use a friend’s account to purchase photos or must I activate my own account?

            Each person's account is his or her own. Accounts are optional, but an account holder is not permitted to share accounts.

            4. I forgot my password. What do I do?

            Simply click on the link "Forgot your password?" on the customer login screen. You will be able to enter your email address, to which we will send an email with instructions on how to reset your password.

            5. How can I change my account information?

            Make sure you are logged into our site, then click on your name or "My Account" in the menu at the top of any page. This will bring you to your account overview, where you will be able to update your account information.

            6. What is a wishlist?

            Once you have created an account with LookLagoon, you may create an individual wishlist. A wishlist allows you to create a private list of your favorite photos from our site. You can add or remove photos from your wishlist at any time, and you can also add photos to your cart directly from your wishlist. 

            7. What is the purpose of a wishlist?

            A wishlist can be used to store specific photos that you may like, want to purchase later, or want to share with someone else. Wishlists are available for your convenience, so that you do not have to separately store the URL, Photo ID or name of each photo you want to revisit at a later date.

            8. How do I add photos to my wishlist?

            To add a photo to your wishlist, click on the photo to see the full details. Then, click "Add to my Wishlist".

            9. I have created a wishlist. How long will my photos remain in the wishlist until they are deleted?

            Photos in your wishlist will remain there until the time you decide to delete them. The wishlist is in your control.

            10. Am I able to share my wishlist with others?

            Yes, you can share your wishlist by simply sending someone a link to it. You can do this by clicking "My Account" in the top menu, selecting "Wishlist" at the top of your account page and choosing an option at the bottom of the following page, where it says "Email/Share Your Wishlist." Some people find this helpful if they're trying to decide between photos or would like to discuss the photo selections with a second person.

            11. How can I opt-out of receiving promotional emails?

            You can opt-out of receiving promotional emails from us at any time you choose. To do so, simply click "Unsubscribe" at the bottom of any of the emails.


              1. My search returned zero results. Am I doing something wrong?

              If your search returned zero results, your search words may be too specific, or we do not have any photos at this time of the subject matter. Try removing some words and being more general, using alternate spelling or a different name for that subject.

              2. I would like to send in a photo request to get a certain photo. Is this possible?

              At this time, we don't offer photography services to go out and shoot a subject matter on request. However, we're always listening to our customers and if you contact us with a suggestion, the next time we're out on a shoot and if the opportunity arises to photograph your suggestion, we'll definitely try our best. 

              3. My login information is not working correctly. What do I do?

              If you are certain that you are entering the correct username and password combination, and are still unable to log in correctly, we would suggest trying to change your password. If that doesn't work, please contact us so that we may further assist you.

              4. I downloaded a photo, but now I can’t find it on my computer. Can you help?

              The photo you downloaded may be in your Downloads folder, on your desktop, in your Pictures folder, or in the folder that you last saved a file. If after you check all of these places, you still cannot locate the photo, view the preferences in your browser for additional help. If you're unable to locate it in these places, feel free to contact us with your original purchase date, the photo ID, and the photo title. After we've verified that your purchase was made in the last year, we'll send you another download link.

              5. The photo I downloaded is corrupt. How can I fix this problem?

              If you have downloaded a file that is damaged, you may be eligible for a refund. Please contact our billing department and view our Refund Policy for more details.