Extended Licenses

When you purchase Content from us, each downloadable photo automatically comes with our royalty-free Standard License

If your needs exceed the usage permitted with a Standard License, we have the following Extended Licenses available for purchase: 

1.  Unlimited Usage or Multi-User (above 500,000 and unlimited users from within one organization)

This extends our royalty-free Standard License on a single photo purchased to include an unlimited number of electronic or print copies (over and above 500,000 runs). It also includes access on your computer or server to the photo by multiple, unlimited number of users from within one organization. Note all other restrictions still apply. 

2.  Printed or Electronic Usage for Resale (limited to 10,000 times)

This extended license grants permission to physically print or electronically use a single photo purchased from LookLagoon Inc. on items to be used for resale, to a maximum total of 10,000 times in any combination. For example, this license allows printing on t-shirts, mugs, posters, calendars, postcards, fridge magnets, etc. This license also grants the right to use the Content in website templates, screensavers, PowerPoint templates and props or scenery for TV or film. For each range of up to 10,000 items to be resold or distributed, this license must be purchased again. (This license is not necessary for editorial usage such as with printed or electronic book covers, magazines, newspapers. Editorial use is covered under our Standard License for quantities under 500,000. An extended license, Unlimited Usage or Multi-User, needs to be purchased if the total of ebook and print book sales reach over 500,000, for instance.) If in doubt, please contact us. Note all other restrictions still apply. This license in no way grants to the purchaser or any third party any rights to the Content. Purchaser agrees to indemnify LookLagoon Inc. and all other parties according to our Terms of Service. 

Some restrictions apply to our Extended Licenses. Please refer to our Terms of Service, SECTION 3 - PERMITTED USES OF CONTENT and SECTION 4 - NON-PERMITTED USES OF CONTENT for these restrictions. 

If you have any questions on whether you may need an Extended License, please contact us.


(last revised Oct 19, 2016)