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LookLagoon Inc. is a global provider of commercially licensed, high quality photographs specializing in nature. Established in 2013, LookLagoon’s offices are located in the Greater Toronto Area and Muskoka in beautiful Ontario, Canada, while customers can be found around the world. The stock photo website consists of thousands of photos. Its image library is constantly growing with new stock.

We're a friendly, family run business, proud to serve creative individuals who require beautiful stock images of nature, wildlife and landscapes. Our goal is to deliver a fabulous product at a budget-conscious price. We deliver high quality photos, speedy customer service and a secure payment system to take care of our customers every step of the way. 


LookLagoon Stock Photos

The name “LookLagoon” was created based on our focus on nature and wildlife. “Look” is the visual aspect (the photography part), while “Lagoon” covers the nature aspect (relating to a grouping or collection of beautiful images). Hence, LookLagoon means a visual collection of beautiful nature photographs.

Our logos reflect this idea as well. At the top of our website, you’ll see our name in turquoise (the color of clean ocean water) at the base of a mountain. You’ll also find our logo of the mountain depicted inside a camera shutter, symbolizing our love of nature photography.


LookLagoon Crashing Wave Stock Photo

The world's environment is important to us. There are so many vibrant colors, beautiful creatures and breathtaking scenes that Mother Nature has to offer and we want to showcase these incredible aspects of the natural world in our collection.

To do so, we aim for realistic and natural-looking photos as opposed to heavily edited images that do not appear as your eyes see the world. Most of our photographs have been taken outdoors in a natural setting. Even the backgrounds and textures you see are images of naturally formed patterns.

Our slogan Love Mother Nature one photo at a time™ is meant to reflect this idea of exploring our planet and appreciating all that nature has to offer. Our objective is to encourage people from around the world to take a moment out of their busy lives to soak in the details of the environment and the wonder it holds.

We run our company with this in mind. Having an extreme passion for what we do, we proudly take all of our own photos, careful never to disturb the natural surroundings we enter.



LookLagoon Early Morning Zinnia with Dewdrops Stock PhotoWe strive to provide low prices to our valued customers and believe that it's important to receive professional, high quality photographs for reasonable prices. If all you need is one photo, that's all you need to buy.

For this reason, unlike some other stock photo sites, we don't lock you into buying dozens of credits that you may never use, and we don't lock you into a subscription if you don't require one. We believe in simple, pay-as-you-go pricing to maximize your savings – it’s the simplest, most flexible, affordable method we've discovered for our customers.

We’re also commonly recognized for our focus on nature and wildlife photography (and the fact that we take all of our own images). Specializing in a smaller niche makes us stand out from the other solutions, since customers know where to come when looking for the best images of nature.

Due to the location of our offices, you’ll find many Canadian photos featured in our image library – this large collection of Canadian images can be difficult to find elsewhere.


LookLagoon Winter Forest Trail Stock Image

Our photos can be found in all sorts of places and in all kinds of medium. The images we provide are versatile for web or print use by small business owners, authors, designers and other creative individuals. Customers are using our photos in their marketing efforts involving social media, print ads and online display advertising; promotional material including bookmarks, business cards and brochures; book cover design; website design and blog posts; magazines and newspaper articles; and other artistic ventures.


Having a LookLagoon account will allow you to access tons of awesome features! You’ll be able to:
* Get an immediate discount code at signup for your first purchase
* Build your own wishlist of favorite images to easily compare and save for later
* Manage your past orders and print receipts
* Receive our designer rate if you place bulk orders on a regular basis
* Save time at checkout to download your images much faster

We want to make the sign in process as simple as possible for our customers. Although you do not need to have an account in order to browse our site, creating a customer account is free of charge. 



We aim to boost your creativity by supplying eye-catching photos for use in all of your work projects that can greatly benefit your business. Professional, high quality photos are believed to increase conversion rates, increase the amount of time spent on a webpage and increase the likelihood of a consumer connecting with your brand.

Apart from providing professional images for affordable prices, we also run a company blog. Business people and entrepreneurs get insight on how to increase sales, stock photo usage tips, marketing, website tips and more. Aspiring photographers are able to read about topics including professional photography techniques, camera gear and accessories. We also post inspirational quotes, fun facts and stories about our adventures as photographers.


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Thanks for stopping by! We appreciate your business and will continue to dedicate ourselves to helping you succeed in your creative endeavors.

Until next time,

The LookLagoon Team


Meet the Team 

Samantha Haupt

President & Photographer

Samantha Haupt, President of LookLagoon Inc.

Living with Canada in her backyard, Samantha is surrounded and inspired by nature’s beauty. She got her first camera when she was six years old, and continues to sling one over her shoulder whenever she’s hiking, canoeing or exploring the outdoors. What started as a love of animals and appreciation for rich details and saturated colors in the landscape motivated her to open a stock photography business. She's always scouting for stunning photo opportunities during her travels. She's also an author and entrepreneur. A Graduate of Entrepreneurial Studies, Samantha brings her expertise in combining stock photography with the latest digital editing software, fast delivery and cost-effective pricing for her customers.

Katherine Haupt

Vice President & Photographer

Katherine Haupt, Vice President of LookLagoon Inc.

Katherine has loved photography since the day she bought her first Polaroid camera as a teenager. Her first serious pursuit was with her 35 mm film camera, developing her own prints in the darkroom. With a creative eye, she’s always been involved in the arts – sketching, mixed media and art history. Her travels and photography have taken her through many countries. She’s also an award winning and USA TODAY bestselling author and entrepreneur. Her interest in stock photography soared due to her publishing experience with book cover and website design. Katherine understands the need for simple, fast access to gorgeous stock photos at an affordable price.